Mar 31, 2012

Weekend Edition 21

Wassily Kandinsky

Composition VIII, 1923
This is ambitions. This is an inernal drive to be better, different than others. It pushes you up. It makes you do better (the blue angle in the upper left center and the white angle in the upper center). the more you improve yourself the further you go(mast-like structure on the top of the blue angle). Sometimes it looks like a race, you see a structure similar to tic-tac-toe board on the middle right and a clock in the center. Some people get filled with negative feelings (angles with squares especially with black squares). Those people instead of improving themlseves are trying to get ahead by interfering with the progress of others. It would take them far (the angles are pointing to the sides if not straight down).The single lines are the obstacles that you have to overcome. The cirles are people or events that influence your movement.

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