Mar 9, 2012

Mindy Shapero

Mindy Shapero at Marianne Boesky Gallery (The Armory Show 2012)

Mosaic Drawing Circle Vision(Black, Blue, Silver, and Gold), 2010
 The circles are people. Some of them are real persons, some of them are fictional. Some of them are alive, some of them are dead. But all of them influence other people. The lines are relationships. They can extend the radius where the forces of influence work. The small dots are impulses of influence. They are some deeds that you do for people you don't even know, but you know they would appreciate what you have done for them.The circle is a symbol of time. So a person(circle) is a container for time, for the experience that the person had. And all of these are just threads in a great textile, called History.

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