Dec 30, 2011

Paul Kelpe

Paul Kelpe at Valerie Carberry Gallery(Art Basel Miami Beach 2011)

Untitled (#166)
This is a woman. She is very aware of her surroundings. She has an external image to maintain (light gray figure in the background around the main construction in the middle). At first glance beyond the visible representation, you can see a simple sphere and a cone. But if you dig deeper, you will see delicate mechanics with lots of gears, moving parts and springs. The springs (the two spirals in the center) sometimes are working in opposing directions. Thus they produce a line in the external image that changes directions rapidly, a conflicting and doubting behavior( middle right). Our woman has high standards that she use to measure herself(a yellow line in the top center). The line is near her lily head. The latter is heavily influenced by a yellowish spot that grows from the yellow sphere from down below.

Dec 29, 2011

Chris Johanson

Chris Johanson at Galleri Nicolai Wallner (Art Basel Miami Beach 2011)

Malmo Painting #2

You need a lot of energy, talent and hard work to get to the top (or to the center). But when you are at the top, you don't have more aspirations, you don't have new challenges. The only challenge you have is to keep your position. This makes you big, harden, inflexible - a stone. And stones even in the middle of a whirlpool sink.This is a cycle of any system from a artist to an empire. 

Dec 28, 2011

Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall at Galerie Gmurzynska Zug (Art Basel Miami Beach 2011)

Coq au dessus du toit rouge 
This is a town where Chagall has been born. The Russian intellectuals (especially Jewish) have supported the revolution(the cock standing(basing) on yellow(Jewish) houses). The revolution had tried to resolve deep social problems in the Russian society. Thus the cock is white and have inclined toward a white sun. The new social experiments have been reflected in the art. It had given start to the huge number of avant-garde artists.This is represented by a big house in the foreground with red roof. But after the revolution had gotten on its own feet, it had turned against the intellectuals who had fed it.The revolutionary red roof had turned into a fire red. The artist had fled the country (they are fleeing because they are leaving through a window). The new ideas they took with them(the reddish hues of the human figure).

Dec 27, 2011

Hans Hofmann

Hans Hofmann at Ameringer/McEnery/Yohe (Art Basel Miami Beach 2011)


The biggest source of splendour is Nature. You call it splendor when you see vast amounts of land(yellow spot) or vegetation(green spot). When there is large open space, there is a lot of open blue sky(blue spot in the middle). Another thing from nature you call splendor is sun - sunsets and sunrises(the red spot). And water, don't forget the water(dark blue). And this takes to the storms. The seconds before the storm could be magnificent, or splendid - splendor(the bordeaux  stain).  The storm is a bird-like figure in the upper middle, combination of bordeaux, red and dark blue.

Dec 24, 2011

Weekend edition 9

Theo van Doesburg

Contra Compositie
This is over-analysis. Everything is analysed and put into a frame. There are no dynamics, movement. The static picture is much easier to analyse and catalog. There is no joy left. It is dead(the frames are black). After you analyse everything, you left alone because you are too boring, too predictable and can't cope with a change(dark blue pass at the left). Anything that you can't process, you shut out. But it is out there(white rays between black and blue).

Dec 23, 2011

Paul Jenkins

Paul Jenkins at Robert Miller Gallery(Art Basel Miami Beach 2011)

Phenomena hig alter wall
It's a date. You are holding a bouquet of flowers(red, white, dark blue and yellow planes) and waiting for the object of your admiration to arrive. But she is getting late. Some dark glimpses of anxiety are starting to grow at the bottom. But still the colors are bright, the sky is blue and you are excited. You immerse in the tenderness and beauty of the flowers. They are the center of your existence. Logic and common sense are pushed into a corner(brown top right). When you are in love, you are somewhat crazy. Your reality is distorted.

Dec 22, 2011

Daniel, Hesidence

Daniel, Hesidence at D'Amelio Terras(Art Basel Miami Beach 2011)

Untitled ( 1 7 7 9 / Pedestrians )
The things are happening so fast in life, you don't see the details.It's one smooth purple blob. You know there is something else, something important, but you can't catch it. Sometimes you have to stop and to go around the thing in order to grasp what is going on. You go around and you return to the starting point and you observe the whole thing, and then you start to see details and parts and their relations among themselves(red lines and spots). This is what Pedestrians do. They don't just get from point A to point B. They observe, they consume the road, they live the way. The journey is the goal, not the means.

Dec 21, 2011

Sarah Grilo

Sarah Grilo at Galería Jorge Mara – La Ruche (Art Basel Miami Beach)

It looks like when you are trying to clean the walls from old wallpaper in order to put on a new one, and you discover old newspapers used as a underlining. Those are your memories from childhood. There are some bits and pieces of history and official events that you recollect vaguely, your handwriting whey you were in school and a number 35 seemed huge.The memories have warm, bright, sunny background. Though some of the events are darker than others, and some events you wish you could cross out from your life.But those memories are stone tablets. So the only thing you can do is to forget. That's why everything is in the fog of time.

Dec 20, 2011

Frederick Hammersley

Frederick Hammersley at Ameringer McEnery Yohe (Art Basel Miami Beach 2011)

And so on

You have some problem to solve, some riddle to crack It sits in your brain like that black stain. No matter what you are thinking about, you always return to the problem.And only wisdom(purple), common sense(brown) and hope(green) will help you get around that mental block.

Dec 19, 2011

Katharina Grosse

Katharina Grosse at Galerie Nachst st.Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwalder(Art Basel Miami Beach 2011)


If you look closer, you will see that those diagonal-almost-vertical lines consists of several layers of paint.This is your life experience. The lines represent events, people and things that happened in your life.Some were small, some were bigger, some occurred several times and some never happened (well those you can't see, they remained unpainted :). This experience helps you to get the meaning (the foreground swirls) from current events(the white lines) - to connect the dots and to start a new layer of experience on your life painting.

Dec 17, 2011

Weekend Edition 8

Camille Pissarro

The Boulevard Montmartre at Night

The night. It's time for entertainment. There are so many welcoming lights trying to seduce you, to pull you in. But there are too many lights. You are going from one light to another. The next light looks prettier than the previous. It's too many choices. You can't pick, because you are afraid to make a mistake. You are ready to pick a light but what if the best ever light comes along? Eventually you didn't go anywhere, trying to find the best place. It leaves you dark, empty and lonely.

Dec 16, 2011

Lyonel Feininger

Lyonel Feininger at Moeller Fine Art (Art Basel Miami Beach 2011)

Kleine Hafenstadt [Small Harbour Town]
Small Town. Everything is nearby, everything is on the view. The town is clean, boring and washed out. The harbor is the base of town and a thorn in its side(the dark brown boat in the lower middle). The town has a well-hidden secret. It has a source of energy and dreams(a dark green structure in the middle left). This source prepares the Town for something big, it pushes the Town to move on. The Town is ready. It is to sail to high seas any minute now (the ship-like structure in the upper middle and the sea-like skies in the upper half).

Dec 15, 2011

Günther Förg

Günther Förg at Galerie Krinzinger (Art Basel Miami Beach 2011)

Ohne Titel
Our life is built from events.Events are constructed from details. Myriads of small interconnected details make up the fabrics of our existence. You can easily get lost in the ocean of small things.The jungle of interwoven interconnected details is very inviting. You always have to keep some perspective on what's important in life.And given the right perspective you can see that not all events are equal. Some of them are better than others. The better ones are those that you will remember. That's what holds our life together.

Dec 14, 2011

Spencer Finch

Spencer Finch at Galerie Nordenhake (Art Basel Miami Beach 2011)

Desert Light (Erg Chebi, Sahara, Morning Effect)
This is a sunrise in the desert. The sun is orange. Some dunes are lit from the sunlight. Some are still in the shadow. That colors them into pink - violet - burgundy. Looking away from the sun you see the yellow dunes. The sky is changing color from dark blue to blue to light blue. The lines show us the female forms of the dunes.The nights are cold in the desert, so are the colors in the painting, but we are getting the glimpse of the cruel desert heat.

Dec 12, 2011

Arthur Dove

Arthur Dove at Valerie Carberry Gallery (Art Basel Miami Beach)

Canandaigua Outlet, Oaks Corners
You are the woods. It's dark night. It's scary. The dark brown spots at the bottom could be bears or just bushes. But you got a flame, a small flame (a brown spot with white border in left bottom ). It leads you to the big warm fire. It is behind those oak trees. The tree tops are lightened up with blue hope.

Anna Jóelsdóttir

Anna Jóelsdóttir  at Stux Gallery

Space/time #22

Two persons, two different worlds(masses at lower left-middle, upper right). They are different, but they are friends. The friendship is built on two things-bridges: Solidarity and Peace of Mind. Solidarity is when people have something in common: interests, purposes, enemies, etc. You get peace of mind when your friend is around and you can depend on him. You can relax and move part of the weight of the burden that presses onto your mind to your friend.The friend gives you some kind of mental relief.So, we see here a friendship in making.

Dec 10, 2011

Weekend Edition 7

Georgia O’Keeffe

Grey Line With Black Blue And Yellow
Grey Line is a normal, ordinary person. She is so bleak and uninterested that you don't see her at all, except for the pink makeup (at the corners). But if you push deeper, you will discover a world. the more you explore the more you are amazed by vibrant colors, wild jungle of personality layers. you will find Black as the most compelling color. Black is the Unknown. It attracts, it pulls you in. The Unknown motivates you to explore. Love is exploration of the Unknown.

Dec 9, 2011

Nicolas Carone

Nicolas Carone at Washburn Gallery (Art Basel Miami Beach 2011)

Escape Plane
You want to escape. You have planned everything. Anticipated every detail. Stiff opposition(a ribbon in the lower middle). Flexible plan, so you can change it according to the kaleidoscope of circumstances.Bold moves(green stain in the middle). Desperate fight (the black figure in the middle). The help from outside(the brighter beige insurgence from the right middle into the fight figure). There is only one thing you didn't take into the account - you are escaping from one boxed square into another....

Dec 8, 2011

Ernst Caramelle

Caramelle Ernst at Galerie nächst St. Stephan (Art Basel Miami Beach 2011)

Final Cut
You are in the dead end. You are lost. The cold white walls seem to grow sharp corners and edges. You have two choices to get out. One - an easy one into the despair of the night(middle left). It is easy for you now, but you know you will be paying for that for a long long time. The other exist is to cut. To open up the wound and let the blood flow(middle bottom to middle right). It will be painful and hard, but at the end you will get the welcoming warm sun of the day(upper right).

Dec 7, 2011

Steven Bindernagel

Steven Bindernagel at CRG Gallery(Art Basel Miami Beach 2011)


The white lines are frames. You fill those with knowledge, experience, events and memories. But as you grow older more and more frames are left blank. By being unused the frames' number starts to decrease. Until you disappear entirely. The more you have the will and the power to fill out the frames, the longer you live.

Dec 6, 2011

František Kupka

František Kupka at Galerie Thomas Modern(Art Basel Miami Beach 2011)

All of those circles is a person. Each circle is a role that a person plays in his life. Or you can call it a layer of skin or a mask he wears. Those layers are built to protect some vulnerabilities, to cover some imperfections. Some are created after some significant events in the person's life. The events can be good and can be bad. That's why the circles have different colors. To get to the inner layers, you need to have similar experiences, to share the same kind of events in your life(figures on middle left). Besides those you need to know when and how to approach, so the opening and the key would be aligned.

Dec 5, 2011

Christoph Kiefhaber

Christoph Kiefhaber at Landau Fine Art, Inc.(Art Basel Miami Beach 2011)

 People are actors.They play certain roles as they are progress in their lives. People play some roles because this is expected from them by their environment. Some roles they choose because the roles make their lives easier. Having so many roles and layers it is difficult to see the real person, the inner self. Even for themselves.

Dec 4, 2011

Weekend Edition 6

Mark Rothko

Untitled (Blue Yellow Green Red)

This is a game of flirtation. There are two participants : Blue and Green. Blue is a woman - mysterious, a combination of   blue hope, blue night and brown pragmatism. The Green is a man. He is really into a game, full of yellow. But he has an edge, the white edge. He knows the underpinnings of the game and this inside knowledge helps him to keep balance against his formidable opponent.

The Blue made the first move. You can barely see it. Because it is so subtle. It is under the yellow game table. The orange red frame is the erotic pretext of the game. The yellow game field is like a sun. It could be warm and inviting, but it could burn you too.

Dec 2, 2011

Richard Diebenkorn

Richard Diebenkorn at Leslie Feely Fine Art (Art Basel Miami Beach 2011)

Art Basel Miami Beach


Rules are here for the reason. They help us to resolve things that are not obvious. The rules are represented here by a street light(red ring, yellow ring and green line in the middle left). The rules that work are based on common sense and pragmatism. They solve conflicts even before the conflicts start. Those rules are a balance of what you can and can't do(dark brown area at the top, lighter brown area in the middle right and constructs in the middle of  them). When the rules are broken and nobody follows them, you find that your nice fast highway(the black object in the middle left) is over. And you are balancing on a high wire trying not to fall(lower right).

Dec 1, 2011

Debra Goertz

Debra Goertz at Stricoff Fine Art

Cool Light in Warm Space

How Art influences people's lives. "The floor" (brown, red, orange lower part) is your life. It's everyone's basic life full of pragmatism, rationality and down-to-earth choices. The Art puts breathes into your life something different, something unexpected(the reflections of the paintings). It makes the life more interesting, less routine.It gives you something to think about besides your daily chords and errands. And when you think about abstract matters, it opens you up for spiritual things(light blue parallelogram in the upper left). The spiritual things, the soul(blue reflection on the lower left) flows into your life and changes it.