Jul 25, 2013

Peter Lanyon


Lost Mine, 1959
You are deep underground. Everything is a hue of black. Suddenly, the water is flooding the place(blue). You see water pouring in from everywhere. Now, seemingly strong and solid structure holding up the place start to crumble. You understand that it is not only the structure collapsing it is your life(red). Some flares of (white) hope keep you running for the exit. But the only things you see in the escape opening are the new waves of blue ruthless water.

Jul 23, 2013

Nicolass Warb

Nicolass Warb - Cadence Unite No. 88, 1945
You see a target(the dark blue patch on the left). It is on the side of your main road (the black triangle in the lower left corner). But you still proceed to pursue it. You work hard (the brown figure at the bottom). The hope (the green triangle) takes you to the ice-cold pinnacle(the white triangle on the top of the brown figure). Then the pain kicks in (the red figure). You have to divert your plans to overcome it(the black ribbon around the red figure). The hope (the small green ribbon), pride (the yellowish figure) what you have accomplished so far, blue skies and attractiveness of the unknown(the white triangle) take you to the next level. There you have a road(the black ribbon) full of pain and hard work.

Jun 11, 2013

Sandeep Mukherjee

at Brennan & Griffin

Untitled ( Composible 1), 2013
You stitch yourself from small pieces. You understand yourself bit by bit. You stitch those bits together to get a better picture. By exploring one layer you actually discover new underlying layers. With your discovery process and time the layers are constantly changing. So the whole process is spiral in the nature - going deeper and deeper and going over the same things over and over again.

Jun 1, 2013

Jean Grangeon

at Tria Gallery

Lost in the creek
You are trying to extinguish all the fires at once. You fix things with the duct tape. But the fires are popping up like popcorn in the microwave oven. It is not an ocean, not a river. It is a creek, but still you are being drawn by a wave of small events. You lost your direction, your focus.

May 30, 2013

William Conger

at  Zolla/Lieberman Gallery

The beauty (the red figures) and the voices(blue ribbons) are pulling you in.The temptations are impossible to resist. You are trying to escape (yellow triangles) but the desire prevails. And then suddenly you get stabbed by a long thin blade. You fall as a sinking ship - slowly but surely.

May 28, 2013

Carolyn Carr

at Spanierman Gallery

Slope, 2004
One of the main attractions of slopes is overcoming your own  fear. The danger is right in the center (the black structure) and still you masterfully negotiate the slope(the pink structure). What is rewarding in defying the most basic instinct : self-preservation? Are you preparing for future real battles? Or do you like challenge death and thus becoming somewhat immortal?

May 23, 2013

Jong Ro


Longing is based on the lack of the subject you are longing for (the black figure in the lower middle). Add to the mix idealization( the white spots all over), a big chunk of the need to own (the orange figure on the left) and love(the blue spot on the right). Top it off with hope (the green field on the top) and a shadow of not getting it (the black ribbon on the upper half).

May 22, 2013

Dornacilla Drysdale

at Aaron Galleries

Emotion vs Intellect

Emotion(organic lines) and intellect(straight lines) are two sides of the coin.They always work in tandem. Sometimes the intellect analyses the emotions and bends them to a more logical solution. Sometimes the emotion takes over the intellect and creates a new point of view. You have to nurture both of them and to keep both of them in balance. One of them gets out of hands and your inner self get handicapped.

May 21, 2013

Julie Schumer

at Emily Amy Gallery

You are walking on clouds. You are so afraid to look down. Sometimes the clouds seem pretty solid. But sometimes they open up and you can see a ridge bellow you. It is frighting and exciting at the same time. But you are afraid to plunge down. You prefer to stay on illusory "solid ground". But it is delusive, you will fall eventually. The problem is it would not be on your terms.

May 19, 2013

Weekend Edition 45

Umberto Boccioni

States of Mind : The Farewells

You want to go, you want to stay. You are not sure what to do (The yellow structure in the lower left corner). But the attraction of new, of change wins over. You take the dive(the black structure in the lower left middle). Then the stream of journey takes you further and further away, where on one side everything is new and exciting and on the other side things remind you what you have left.

May 16, 2013

Amir Mogharabi

at Ibid Projects (Frieze Art Fair New York 2013)

Untitled. 2012
The  black triangles are the art works on display. But the actual artist's intentions are the yellow structures. The intentions are followed by associations (black lines). Then the artist's skills were in play (grey-white ribbons on the right and at the bottom). The result of this process are black triangles with some parts missing.

May 15, 2013

Armin Boehm

at Harris Lieberman(Frieze Art Fair New York 2013)

You understand the natural world from the ground up(the lower quarter of the painting). You obtain the root first - fundamental knowledge and skills. Based on that foundation you build your map of reality. The imaginary world of art, metaphysics and other philosophies you start to explore by the leaves peeking into your tangible world (the grey structure).

May 14, 2013

Clare Rojas

at Galleri Nicolai Wallner (Frieze Art Fair New York 2013)

Untitled, 2013
You are in love. You are full of desire, wants and lust(the burgundy figure on the left). Your desire is overwhelming. It is trying to fill everything. Then suddenly it penetrates deep, bellow the veneer layers (beige and white ribbons at the lower middle). You are starting to really know your lover. It brings out the pain (the red figure in the upper right corner) and the dark secrets(the black figure in the lower right).

May 13, 2013

Jenny Nelson

at Tria Gallery

Set Sail
You don't know where you are going. Everything is foggy. But you have hull of steel confidence. Your sails are full of hope. Your engines are curiosity and search for new knowledge. The desire for new adventures lights your way(orange spots). The chances are big that before you get to the adventures, the routine(grey fields) will dissolve you. Or you will too close to the danger and will be burn as a butterfly which got too close to fire.

May 12, 2013

Weekend Edition 44

Pierre Soulages

Peinture 10 Juin 1958, 1958
Everyone goes in one direction. They all have to be the same. But some, while seemingly doing what they should, they are rebelling inside (brown figures). But most of them are afraid to show their nonconformism. Then one goes off the course(the diagonal black ribbon). Though he is the same inside as others, he feels that something needs to be done. This move aliens him from others. But this bold move creates followers (the diagonal brown ribbon).

May 10, 2013

Thomas Prinz

at Circa Gallery

It's a woman. She is naked. She is shy. She is self aware. She is not perfect. But you love her so much. Your feelings are so gentle and subtle. Every moment you see her you want to snap it as picture and store it in your memory.


May 9, 2013

Susan Schiesser

Yellow Jacket Pass II
You have difficulties. You are working very hard to overcome them(red tinted ribbons and structures in the lower left corner). It is hard but you know where you are going. And when you think you are out of the woods in the open, the main trouble begins. Because now you need to decide what road to take, what direction to follow. The main trouble is to choose.

May 8, 2013

Chris Sims

at Carina Haslam Art

Morning Flight
The light struggles with the dark (red structure in the upper part). The light is winning. It has the thirst for knowledge (yellow patch) to its side, the creativity (green spots), flexibility (grey spots). But in the morning when the borders are blurred and you can't distinguish between the light and the darkness, the doubts can crawl in(the dark structure in center). You need to fly over your positions and reassess that you are on the right side and truth is your ally.

May 7, 2013

Lasar Segall

at Museu Lasar Segall

Floresta, 1957
People are herding animals. They live in groups. Living in groups leads to interactions between members(black structures). The interactions create conflicts(yellow-tinted spots). The conflicts generate wars(grey structures) or rules(blue lines).

May 6, 2013

Rebecca Sailor Sack

at Seraphin Gallery

Moonsault, 2009
You think you have seen it all. New things - they are either too small for you or you have done it. What's left for you are your memories. Then suddenly you catch a breeze. Your sails are full of wind. You are making a 180 degrees turn and moving to a new direction. You are creating new things, but you use your previous experience as a frame. That takes your game to a new level. The new burst of  creativity makes new memories and builds new experiences to draw from and to remember later.

May 3, 2013

Weekend Edition 43

Ellsworth Kelly

Study for Blue White, 1960

Woman. It's the lips you kiss. It's the back, you caress. It's the hair, you trace. It's the wit that sharp as a knife that opens up to you. And still she is a black hole of unknown mystery.


Natalie Alper

at Seraphin Gallery

Einstein Plays the Music, 2003
You are an observer. You are watching the cataclysms. Nature, humans, anything is storming, raging(blue, green, white background waves). This is all outside. Here, inside behind a glass wall, everything is calm and quiet. It is nice in here, but it is also disconnected. The nerves that connect you to the outside world have been cut off by the glass wall(the thick white lines going from left to right). They are just dangling in the wind. You remain cold, indifferent and trapped inside your wall.

May 2, 2013

Alex Brewer

at Circa Gallery

Gliders I
The low self-esteem is killing you (the black structure in the center). It puts a noose of doubt (the black lines) on everything you do. You succeed in some cases where you break out of the choking loops(yellow splashes). But some things turn out bad when you did not go far enough(green, blue splashes).

May 1, 2013

Mark Brosseau

at Bridgette Mayer Gallery

Temporal, 2013

Time is relative. Sometimes you feel time goes by as a mountain stream - fast, powerful, unstoppable (the blue ribbon on the left). Sometimes it shifts to a crawl (multiple red figures), especially when you are waiting for something(yellow figures). There are days when you think the time goes backwards(black lines).  The time on the other hand just moves on without any concern about how you feel about it(the upper part of the painting).

Apr 30, 2013

Barbara Gilhooly

at Barbara Gilhooly

Logjam, 2007
You jump from a log to a log(lower part of the painting). You are desperately trying to get to the shore. But the current is too strong. So while you are running with all your power, at best you are keeping your position.  Most those things that you postpone for later, for "when I grew up", for "when I get rich" and to the bucket list stay there unfulfilled. The only thing that keeps you running is hope (the light blue background) that the day to get items from the bucket list will come earlier than the bucket.

Apr 29, 2013

Andree Carter

at Ann Connelly Fine Art

Slightly Silver

Everything that was important in your life became small irrelevant. It is torn into small pieces and seems to you as a collage of your former life. Everything is still. The big black grief is blocking any movements in your life. The grief is feeding on your memories (the white structure). The only thing that is fighting the standstill is the desire to live/hope (the blue structures). The hope is creating new life(the thicker red nets) and trying to bond thouse pockets of resistance together.

Apr 28, 2013

Weekend Edition 42

Fernand Léger

The House in the trees, La Maison dans les arbres, 1913

Your house (the orange colored structures on  the left) should be in harmony with nature (the green spheres from the lower left to the upper middle). When it does (the green stripes between the house and the trees, and the light green small trees on the left), the nature will envelope you and protect you from outside forces.