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Apr 9, 2012

Weekend Edition 22

Jackson Pollock

Male Female

This is a date. You can feel a lot of flirtation in the air with undertones of desire. Information intake is in the overdrive (ears, eyes are all over the place). Some things are put in the open( the white rectangle in the center). But most of them are behind folding screens that with time would be taken down. Some bits of personal information are strung together. The missing pieces are calculated behind the scenes(the black rectangle with white chalked numbers). There are a lot of unknown - mystery that really attracts you.

Feb 25, 2012

Weekend Edition 16

Robert Motherwell at MOMA

Personage, with Yellow Ochre and White, 1947
You are reading a book. It is a about a small village There are several plot lines, but everything is pretty simple and predictable. So you are trying to understand why this book is so popular(a magnifying glass - black lines in the middle creating a rectangle and a oval). But then  a new  character is introduced. he is a real hero. he does everything right. He is perfect, too perfect(yellow oval in the upper  center). You learn that he has some sort of mystery from his past(black shadow around yellow oval). Now the character looks much more realistic. the mystery sucks you in. You start to see the whole plot in absolutely different light (the ochre band over the top ).

Dec 4, 2011

Weekend Edition 6

Mark Rothko

Untitled (Blue Yellow Green Red)

This is a game of flirtation. There are two participants : Blue and Green. Blue is a woman - mysterious, a combination of   blue hope, blue night and brown pragmatism. The Green is a man. He is really into a game, full of yellow. But he has an edge, the white edge. He knows the underpinnings of the game and this inside knowledge helps him to keep balance against his formidable opponent.

The Blue made the first move. You can barely see it. Because it is so subtle. It is under the yellow game table. The orange red frame is the erotic pretext of the game. The yellow game field is like a sun. It could be warm and inviting, but it could burn you too.

Oct 23, 2011

Weekend edition 1

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Le Moulin de la Galette (1876)

The artist shows in the picture the atmosphere of the gathering : the physical and emotional. The sun spots make the mood warm, intimate and playful. And the main motif in emotions is flirt and relations between sexes. The painting is about friendship, love and intimacy.

Mark Rothko

Earth and Green
This is autumn. It is blue skies, but some leaves are red. The most are still green. This is beautiful, but makes you a little bit sad and philosophical.

Auguste Rodin

Two embracing Figures
The main lines are moving in one direction, showing unity of the pair. The arm lines perpendicular to the main lines show the desire to blend even more. The curve emphasizes the male initiative and female submission.