Dec 22, 2011

Daniel, Hesidence

Daniel, Hesidence at D'Amelio Terras(Art Basel Miami Beach 2011)

Untitled ( 1 7 7 9 / Pedestrians )
The things are happening so fast in life, you don't see the details.It's one smooth purple blob. You know there is something else, something important, but you can't catch it. Sometimes you have to stop and to go around the thing in order to grasp what is going on. You go around and you return to the starting point and you observe the whole thing, and then you start to see details and parts and their relations among themselves(red lines and spots). This is what Pedestrians do. They don't just get from point A to point B. They observe, they consume the road, they live the way. The journey is the goal, not the means.

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