Mar 10, 2012

Weekend Edition 18

Piet Mondrian at Guggenheim Museum (New York)

Tableau 2, 1922
The big square in the middle is your goal. It is your thing that you are trying to do. The bad feelings, remorse or negative reactions from others (the black rectangle in the upper right corner) are trying to topple you from the course. Your hopes and your believe(the blue rectangle in the lower left) that you are doing the right thing are counterbalancing the negative influence.The pain you have from all of this ( the reddish rectangle in the lower right corner) is feeding your negativity. But at the same time the pain is a feedback that powers up your resourcefulness(the yellowish rectangle at the top). The latter helps you to bend your course to resolve the difficulties but not to loose the target. Your flexibility just gives a leverage to your believes(the blue rectangle).

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