Mar 23, 2012

Hermann Max Pechstein

Hermann Max Pechstein at Beck & Eggeling(TEFAF Maastricht 2012)

Das gelbe Haus, Waldausgang mit Hochsommerdüne, 1919

At first, you are full of energy. You think you can walk on water and climb vertical walls(the yellow stain in the lower right  corner). You try to take a shortcut through the wilderness, storming up the hill. It is logical because the shortest distance to your goal is a straight line. Then you meet the reality(the brown line - earth layer above the yellow stain in the lower right corner). You get smarter (the violet line above the brown one). You realize that this approach will not take you even to the green grass of the forest, not mentioning the nice house in the field behind the forest. You back off and reassess your position (the mix of violet and brown spots in the lower center). You take the road that leads to the house you so desire to get to. The road is a slow route taking much more time, turning and running to the sides and over the hills. But eventually and surely you will get to the goal of your journey.

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