Oct 6, 2011

Shalini Biswajit

Shalini Biswajit at A Jain Marunouchi Gallery. 

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 Ever At Rest Series II
The vertical columns are days that are disappearing very fast into the past. Some went almost uneventful, some left a mark in memory and others influence the future. The only constant thing is frames you put yourself in. Even if you think you moved out, actually you are just in another cell of the same framework. And this framework is the only significant thing that connect the past with the future.

Ever At Rest Series III
And here is the same concept, but more personal. It's night. It's more intimate. You have something that bothers you at night. Something unknown. Something that always there. Something that even when it 's not there you are thinking about. I would say it's a disease. Or maybe it's not something, it is someone. Someone you love but can't read.
Woman Eyes VI
Woman sees every detail, every small item, especially we are talking about another woman. Even the hidden ones. And they bother her. Because of the details she can't see the whole figure.And it bothers her too(the passes at the bottom). 

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