Oct 13, 2011

Rosy Keyser

Rosy Keyser at Peter Blum Gallery

                                                                                      Abacist in Heat, 2011


We see here a breakup. A nasty breakup. A heart is really broken. At first, it was very nice and blue, even light blue. The memories of this period are still very pure. But they are in the background now. In front, we have scars, black sorrow, white grieve. Very painful.

                                                                                       Tanzerin, 2011

Here we have a full blown depression. Everything is dull, blurred and not interesting. Black pain. Even whites are painful.

                                                                 Blank Verse, 2011

The crisis is over, but the patient is not well completely. Much less black. The whites are not scratching your eyes. Some things are started to have focus, structure and logic. This is recovery.

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