Oct 12, 2011

Sarah Brenneman

Sarah Brenneman at Jeff Bailey Gallery

                                                             All at Once, It’s Out, Flying

Here are two lovers, blue squares. Deeply inside each other. They have pretty similar backgrounds and education. Probably, they are childhood friends. Nevertheless, their impression and reactions to the outside world are very different.

                                                            At the End of the City
 The city is boring, people are greyish. The walls are painted with stupid stripes. Dirty and stained.But everyone in the city has a dream. A fantasy. The person holds his/her dream like a banner, well above the head, pretty proud to have such a dream. For her/him the dream is like a flower, s/he should care for the dream, nurture it. The dream is a mix of something naive (red/pink) and shameful(grey).

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