Apr 18, 2012

Joan Miró

at Waterhouse and Dodd (TEFAF Maastricht 2012)

Sans Titre
You have a hive of different thoughts (the gray figure in the lower left corner). You have passion (the red figure in the lower center). Then one of the thoughts adjacent to the passion gets extended, becoming an idea(a black line between the gray figure and the red figure going up to the black figure in the center). Fueled by the passion the idea grows into a  something real. It is already a thing that you do. Combining it with other ideas of yours(the black line bordering the red figure from the right) and with ideas from others(the black line from the yellow figure) takes your thing to another level. In the process of doing the thing you create other ideas(the black lines extended from the black figure). They may not lead to anything else. And maybe the thing will die off eventually, but the main thing is that while you are busy with all of these, you find new passions(the color circles : green, blue, violet, gray).

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