Apr 6, 2012

André Derain

at Landau Fine Art (TEFAF Maastricht 2012)

André Derain Bateaux sur la plage à la Collioure, 1905

People are dreaming of big things and far away lands(green, violet and orange stains in the background). They want to journey to exotic places, they want to do grand things. Everyone has a dream about something that would / should be a purpose of his/her life.With big hopes they even build boats(the blue boats in the lower part). But most of them prefer to sail without leaving the port. Where the competition is fierce, but everything is familiar, without threatening mystery and you know how to maneuver for a better spot. Only a single one who didn't build his boat on hopes, but on practicality and common sense, sailed away to explore new lands. 

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