Jan 15, 2012

Weekend Edition 11

Pablo Picasso at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Guitar and Clarinet on a Mantelpiece
The brown background is the earthiness of common life, where most of the time you are occupied with material needs. The mantelpiece is a decoration for a fireplace, where the fire of life is flaming. But when the fire is out, what is left are black smoke, ash and emptiness.The place is pretty gruesome. But you fell a fresh breeze (light blue at center bottom). It is a mantelpiece(blue figure in the center). It makes your fireplace prettier. Human beings have this urge to beatify the life, to invent artificial things that decorates the nature of life. The guitar and clarinet represent art as the most purified decoration of all. The art makes you dream(the white figure). And even that they are very fragile (the upper right corner of the blue figure), they make you see life much more bright (the white dotted corner).

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