Jan 20, 2012

Arthur Segal

Arthur Segal at  Galerie Berinson (Art Basel Miami Beach 2011)

Interieur mit Blickpunkt Stuhl III
This is a memory of an event, which four persons witnessed. It could be a card game. Everyone has a different version of what and when happened. Everyone remembers different things. The same object has different meaning and associations for different people. One remembers the game proper, because he has lost a big sum of money in it(left bottom corner). Another remembers the chair, because it was unconformable to sit in, or  because it was not his usual spot. His spot was to his right, where the new guy sat. This guy won the game, because there was a mirror where he saw the cards of the guy who sat opposite him (a rectangle in the upper right corner). The fourth guy was occupied with something else(the upper left corner). He had big problems, and needed money. This fourth guy is the murderer who killed the new guy to get his jackpot.

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