Nov 6, 2011

Weekend Edition 2

Wassily Kandinsky

Kleine Welten 1
Kleine Welten means small worlds in German. There are two worlds, divided by a thick blue diagonal line. From the fist sight they are absolutely different. But if you look carefully, you will see that actually they are built from the same elements. The elements are arranged differently, or of different size. And most important the main components clocks, that make the worlds tick, are the same mechanism. The Clocks are intersections of big black lines and red one or red, black, green rings with black ray coming out of them.

If you think that you are worlds apart from someone else, actually you have much more in common then you realize or want to admit.

Amedeo Clemente Modigliani

Female Nude
This is love. Going from bottom left corner to upper right, you have all three components of love : Pleasure, Solidarity, Peace of Mind. The first one is self-explaining. Solidarity is breasts. To show solidarity, the first thing that a person does it is to press someone to the chest. And the calm, peaceful face of the woman represents the Peace of Mind.

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