Nov 2, 2011

The importance of meta-ideas

I have an essay by an essay by Keith Garrow on abstract art. I don't agree with some points in this article. So I decided to write a reply to Keith.

Abstract art is like jazz. It's pure improvisation of your inner thoughts and feelings. Something that you can not express otherwise. But like in jazz your art piece has to have a  base melody to follow. This melody is your message, your idea, your thought, your feeling that is getting out of you onto a canvas.

When you are drawing an abstract painting, you are trying to extract a message out of your soul that can't be expressed in any other way. It could be designed very carefully. And it could be your sub-conscience talking and your hand just follows.

If you are showing your art to someone else, it means that you want to share the message you got out. Even if you yourself don't understand it completely, if at all. The second, you open up your art to see by another person, you have created a second side of the coin - the observer. He processes your art through his filters - his soul and his own personality. The observer can get a message that is absolutely different from what you have intended. And this is the beauty of abstract art. It can be interpreted in so many ways.

I have found a pretty good summary here.

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