Mar 14, 2013

John Ferren

at Valerie Carberry Gallery

Composition, 1936
Without the bad, there would be no good. Some people, when bad things happen to them, break and lose miserably(the figure in the lower left corner).When the bad strikes (the black line on the upper left side of the figure), they break - everything goes down. They try to change the situation by doing the same thing(the upper right side of the figure with blue ribbons to the sides). More of the same leads to another crises and demise. But some people use the bad situation to reinvent themselves(the big figure in the upper right corner).   The unfortunate situation makes them focus on the most important stuff(the upper part of the figure). They learn from the their mistakes(the lower right part and the lower middle of the figure). The focus and the learning lead to drastically new situation( the white ribbon and the blue bulb).

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