Jun 1, 2012

Steve DiBenedetto

at David Nolan Gallery (Frieze Art Fair New York 2012)

Knot Building, 2008

Knots are used to tie loose ends. But once it is tighten up, it creates a bump on a smooth rope. In a relationship, when you want to create a bond, it should be done naturally. Yes, you need to make an effort. Your energy should  focus on relationship development and not to build something artificial. The moment you use force, it creates a tension. The tension creates problems. You are trying to conceal the your forced efforts. You are trying to resolve the tension and the problems, but you are pulling in the wrong direction. One thing piles on another. In no time instead of nice strong bond you have a big messy tangle. Moreover in this situation your relationship is started to stagnate and the gangrene kicks in.

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