Oct 10, 2012

Charles Seliger

at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery

Internal Space, 1945

This is an introvert. On the outside he is shy, bleak, grey. Everything is well defined and inside the borders and norms. But the inside is another story. There is a volcano with hot lava flowing along the bottom side.You see different things connected into networks that span objects, ideas, worlds. The networks despite the norms and borders. It is an universe that produces the enormous amount of new things that are confided to a ordinary, not remarkable outer shell.

Oct 8, 2012

Dorothy Dehner

at Levis Fine Art

Dance party. It's dark. People are seen in the flashes of background light. You don't see them moving continuously, but as in a stop frame video. You not only hear the music, you feel it. Everything is vibrating with the rhythm.You feel somehow connected to other people in the room. You all are one in the dance.

Oct 7, 2012

Weekend Edition 35

Pablo Picasso

La pisseuse, 1965

Every woman is a carefully constructed outer image (white stains - the dress). The image is built in the way that you should not see that it was constructed (the pyramid wrapped in the white cloth). Her exposed breasts represent her sexuality. The legs show her groundedness, her pragmatism and common sense. Her vagina is her connection to the nature. The stream coming out of her is the time that is part of her relation with the nature.

Oct 5, 2012

Budd Hopkins

at Levis Fine Art

Aquarius III, 1971
You have planned everything. You have anticipated every possible outcomes. But then suddenly your left underside got loose(the greyish figure in the lower left corner). This "disaster" tilts your whole structure to the left. You think that everything is ruined. But actually it gives you a new perspective, a unique point of view. The uniqueness boosts you up, and you are getting ahead of the pack. The imperfections are not bad, they are engines of progress.

Oct 4, 2012

Marco Casentini

at Roy Boyd Gallery

Waiting Time, 2011

You are waiting. You feel trapped in a square.There is nothing to do in the square. You are pacing around. Then you make an effort and you escape, only to find yourself in another square. It makes you angry. With each new square you become angrier (more red colored). At the end when your anger boils over (the upper right rectangle), you become frustrated and desperate (the black rectangle).  It takes you back to the square one. Ten minutes have passed.

Oct 3, 2012

Eva Berendes

at Ancient & Modern

Untitled, 2008

You open a box(white triangles as part of box upper lid). Inside the box there is another box. Or it could be several boxes. Inside those boxes there more boxes. The box could be a good one (blue or green), a bad one(yellow, red or black). It depends how you open it. You are going through the numerous boxes until you get to where you started (the white box). That is your life. And all those boxes are a lovely screen that tries to cover up the emptiness of the room.

Oct 1, 2012

Afro Basaldella

at Haunch of Venison

Doppia Figura, 1954

Nude figure. Laying next to you. The room is half-lit. The colors are muted. Shadows. It is a nice view. You are attracted to the person that is laying naked with you. But the attraction is much deeper than a plain sight. It is intricate network of memories, experiences and feelings that you share with that person. This virtual network strengthens and enriches the physical pleasure.