Oct 31, 2011

Francisco Castro Leñero

Francisco Castro Leñeroat at Howard Scott Gallery

Studio Drawing (Terra), 2003-04

Brown color is the color of earth. It symbolizes down to earth truth, pragmatism and a ground on which everything else is based. And no matter how many layers of refinements(black web lines) you put on top of that you can't conceal it.The refinements are very nice, they are logical and sometimes they fit into a part of the Truth.But they are patchwork at best.

Oct 28, 2011

Cesare Decredico

Cesare Decredico at Freight+Volume

Where Lines Wander

The black line is your life. It wanders from a place to a place, from a person to a person. Sometimes it gets the energy and direction from the Source(the pot-like thing in the lower middle). Then it moves in the right direction. The right direction is the upper middle, where the yellowish beige spot and line are. Probably those are your Love. The direction is shown by yellowish-beige-white diamond in the upper left.

Oct 27, 2011

Sharon Bartel-Clements

Sharon Bartel-Clements at Franklin 54 Gallery + Projects

Red Wave

I would call it the affair. A woman is drowning in the routine. It drives her crazy (yellow part). She is day-dreaming, building sand castles. Now comes the Red Wave. The feelings are over flooding her. Lust. Fear to be caught. Love. Immorality. The emotional   stream overruns her.

Oct 26, 2011

Jean Miotte

Jean Miotte at Chelsea Art Museum

Confession cannibale ou le festin interdite

This is the fight between good and evil.The good is dull and predictable(left blue side). The evil has its charm, fire and mystery. But under these bright and attractive wrappings there are  some fundamental flaws and animal side(the lower right corner's black and white spots). The good is stronger and will prevail, though it looks like for now the evil is winning.

Oct 25, 2011

Makoto Fujimura

Makoto Fujimura at Dillon Gallery

Soliloquies : Joy

You are working hard to cover up the ugly, unruly black background that you are ashamed of, with abiding logical shinny squares. They line up so nicely in rows and columns. But suddenly a fresh breeze sweeps aside your logic and your cover-up. You feel pain (red stain on the right). You feel relieve (turquoise splashes). And you feel Joy (blue cloud).  Joy that you don't have to do this stupid job anymore. Joy of change. Joy of breaking boundaries and getting out to the wild.

Oct 24, 2011

Yago Hortal

Yago Hortal at Debuck Gallery

 The spiral is the life of a career person. It is going like a fast river with a mighty stream.Sometimes you want to stop and admire the scenery, but you can't. The fast-track life you have chosen, is demanding and requires all of you.The only thing left is not to fight and to enjoy the ride. While you are leaving behind on the river banks real life events.They effect you, they cause you pain and remorse. But you can't stop, you can't break out of the system you have put yourself in.You are like a shark in order to survive you need to move.

Oct 23, 2011

Weekend edition 1

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Le Moulin de la Galette (1876)

The artist shows in the picture the atmosphere of the gathering : the physical and emotional. The sun spots make the mood warm, intimate and playful. And the main motif in emotions is flirt and relations between sexes. The painting is about friendship, love and intimacy.

Mark Rothko

Earth and Green
This is autumn. It is blue skies, but some leaves are red. The most are still green. This is beautiful, but makes you a little bit sad and philosophical.

Auguste Rodin

Two embracing Figures
The main lines are moving in one direction, showing unity of the pair. The arm lines perpendicular to the main lines show the desire to blend even more. The curve emphasizes the male initiative and female submission.

Oct 21, 2011

Massimo Bartolini

Massimo Bartolini at D'Amelio Terras

Until It Breaks
 This is a creation of a person. The person is a separate entity from human being. They are like a soul and a body. Layer upon layer events, experiences and influences are lied down on a seed of personality that everyone receives at birth.Things that influence us are almost invisible, but they reach far and can change many layers on their way.

You can find Massimo's works also here.

Oct 20, 2011

Bill Jensen

Bill Jensen Cheim & Read

The left bleak part is how our imagination pictures traumatic events in our life. The right part is the real events. In our imagination the events are more scarier and have more consequences then the reality. The trauma freezes parts of our personality. The mind is coping and trying to bleach out the frozen horror.

Oct 19, 2011

Francine Perlman

Francine Perlman at Ceres Gallery

The World Emerging From the Alef-Beyt 1
 This is a creative process in action. You are starting to work on a new idea. You have some building blocks, some intentions and influences.But this is a fuzzy, undefined, disordered cloud of creativity fetus.

The World Emerging From the Alef-Beyt 2

The cloud is solidifying. You see that some pieces are falling in their places.There is no clearness yet. Some objects are just placeholders that probably will be changed.

The World Emerging From the Alef-Beyt 3

Here the concept is ready and you have started to work on details.

Oct 18, 2011

Mark Wiener

Mark Weiner

Untitled Saturday

People(white circles) are influencing each other. There is an invisible network of influence.The network is based on other things like imaginary persons (personages, books, objects and events) - black background objects.

Oct 17, 2011

Angelina Gualdoni

Angelina Gualdoni at  Asya Geisberg Gallery

                                                           Untitled (Fragment)

This is memory. Your memory. You remember events from your past, some of them you remember better, some worse. Some left only a scratching on the window. All your past gets pink rose treatment. You remember things better than they were then.

                                                       Untitled (Green Stripes)

This is a personal tragedy that happened to you. Someone very important to you, that meant a world to you, has abandoned you. Or died. So what is left is carcass of a house you built together, burned to ashes. And this event is very bid for you. You can't move on with your life. You still feel the pain.

Oct 14, 2011

Sandeep Mukherjee

Untitled, 2011
Something black, slick and disgusting pulls you in. It somehow attracts you. It is femme fatale! You are scared of this relationship, but still can't break the link.It sucks you in. You are entering the whirlpool, you understand that you are lost, you are trying to get out. But it's too late. The last thing that you see is the bloody foam from previous victims floating above you....

Oct 13, 2011

Rosy Keyser

Rosy Keyser at Peter Blum Gallery

                                                                                      Abacist in Heat, 2011


We see here a breakup. A nasty breakup. A heart is really broken. At first, it was very nice and blue, even light blue. The memories of this period are still very pure. But they are in the background now. In front, we have scars, black sorrow, white grieve. Very painful.

                                                                                       Tanzerin, 2011

Here we have a full blown depression. Everything is dull, blurred and not interesting. Black pain. Even whites are painful.

                                                                 Blank Verse, 2011

The crisis is over, but the patient is not well completely. Much less black. The whites are not scratching your eyes. Some things are started to have focus, structure and logic. This is recovery.

Oct 12, 2011

Sarah Brenneman

Sarah Brenneman at Jeff Bailey Gallery

                                                             All at Once, It’s Out, Flying

Here are two lovers, blue squares. Deeply inside each other. They have pretty similar backgrounds and education. Probably, they are childhood friends. Nevertheless, their impression and reactions to the outside world are very different.

                                                            At the End of the City
 The city is boring, people are greyish. The walls are painted with stupid stripes. Dirty and stained.But everyone in the city has a dream. A fantasy. The person holds his/her dream like a banner, well above the head, pretty proud to have such a dream. For her/him the dream is like a flower, s/he should care for the dream, nurture it. The dream is a mix of something naive (red/pink) and shameful(grey).

Oct 11, 2011

Luis Garcia-Nerey

Luis Garcia-Nerey at Cheryl Hazan Gallery


We see here is a vagina opening (between greenish and black spots). G-link is a  connection between sexual and emotional parts of a woman. It links her G-spot to the mind. That's why the green spot has a form of a head. And the green hair going up symbolizes the connection. This is a new found thing(green paint) and parts of it are still unknown(black spots). 

Oct 10, 2011



I think that a real artist always has some message that s/he wants to transmit to other people through the work. This meta-message is what I am looking for in art. If I can find something beyond paint splashes and brush strokes, I am going to publish it.It is possible that I don't like it that much, or the painting is "wrong" from other critiques' point of view or it is in unfashionable way. It does not matter as long as there is the meta-message.

Chris McGraw

Chris McGraw at Fred Torres Collaborations

                                                    Untitled, (detail) 2007, Oil on Canvas

This is the conflict of generations. Blue dried out is the previous generation. The new generation is still thick green, but from the point of view of the previous one it is more cynical(white), more pragmatic(black). It still has the energy to fill out the canvas, but at the end it will dry out just like the blue did.

Oct 6, 2011

Shalini Biswajit

Shalini Biswajit at A Jain Marunouchi Gallery. 

Recommended Site
 Ever At Rest Series II
The vertical columns are days that are disappearing very fast into the past. Some went almost uneventful, some left a mark in memory and others influence the future. The only constant thing is frames you put yourself in. Even if you think you moved out, actually you are just in another cell of the same framework. And this framework is the only significant thing that connect the past with the future.

Ever At Rest Series III
And here is the same concept, but more personal. It's night. It's more intimate. You have something that bothers you at night. Something unknown. Something that always there. Something that even when it 's not there you are thinking about. I would say it's a disease. Or maybe it's not something, it is someone. Someone you love but can't read.
Woman Eyes VI
Woman sees every detail, every small item, especially we are talking about another woman. Even the hidden ones. And they bother her. Because of the details she can't see the whole figure.And it bothers her too(the passes at the bottom). 

Oct 5, 2011

Erik Foss

Eric Foss at Mallick Williams & Co.

 These works show the artist relationship with women. On the first picture, you can see a wild forest fire. You can smell smoke, author's fear. He is on the brink of panic.The main element here is two mounds. They represent female breasts.
On the next image the mounds(female) are scary, unknown territory covered with thick young forest. It is almost impenetrable. And when you try to push through it will cause you much pain. That's why you see drops of blood on the branches.

The breasts are getting larger. they are trying to sink you down. And you see some messages though the growth, but they are confusing and incomprehensible.
You are falling deeper into the trap. The sunlight is only a small crack between mighty female columns.

The darkness with a hint of seduction.

No way out. Even the crack is closed.

The babydoll stripes are cut, it is starting to fall....


The end.